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Casement Windows

The Vintage and Soveriegn Range of Casement Windows

The Vintage Range of timber flush in-line casement windows is available in three varieties.

The Regal range is manufactured with 90mm frames and is available with traditional butt hinges, stays and keeps or friction stay hinges.

The Regal Stepped range is manufactured with 90mm frames with an additional concealed draught excluder incorporated and is only available with friction stay hinges.

The Jubilee range is manufactured with 115mm protruding outer frames, transoms and mullions with butt hinges and stainless “easy clean” friction hinges.

All ranges are flush in-line with 24mm sealed units, each timber window is precisely manufactured and hand finished. Each variety is made from the finest timber and will enhance and maintain the appearance of your home..

Fully Finished in any Colour, Internally Glazed, Secure Locking, Energy “A” Rated

The Sovereign Range of hardwood stormproof casement windows are made from the finest timber and are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your home. Available with 28mm sealed units, each casement window is precisely manufactured and hand finished.

By incorporating key locking, multi-point shoot bolt security systems with the facility of a secure partial open position and an easy clean facility, you have the perfect solution for a high security, low maintenance hardwood replacement window.  Within our extensive range of products, we also offer attractive features such as authentic swept heads and French style wooden casement windows, without the vertical fixed mullion.

Alternatively, to retain or add a little distinction, there is a full range of decorative lead designs available.

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